Edit & Online Photo Sharing with Picasa Web Albums.

Picasa Web Albums :- You all might have surely heard about Picasa which is an Image Organizer application Aka Software that was released firstly in 2002, The manager was pretty popular in the beginning but later on it lost its popularity but still many people were using it, Just like Yahoo or any other app.

Picasa Web Albums
Picasa Web Albums

About The Picasa Web Albums, Everything That One Must Know :-

The Picasa Web Albums used to be an Amazing Image hosting and Sharing Web service that was Released and launched by Google in the year 2002 and this application and its services were pretty amazing and it was compared with apps like Flickr and others. This app allowed users to Sync their Google Account and store photos up to 15 GB in total and save them permanently on Cloud, Though the app and its web service was discounted in the year of 2016, Month may. This app was Succeeded by Google Photos which is a more private and secured platform of Web sharing of photos.

Why is Google Photos more secure ?

Ans- Google Photos is more secure and private as it does not allow users or System to share the photo albums to the public on the Internet Aka World Wide Web.

Google Photos
Google Photos

The Picasa Web Albums allowed users to easily store Photos till 15 GB and that could be stored on Gmail as well as Google drive. And people could easily store HD photos without any issue and not just Photos But also Videos could be stopred on the platform. And the good perk of using this app was that even if the size of 15 GB was filled, The app manually Resized photos and adjusted new photos till the last bearable Limit.

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During 2016, On Date Feb 12th, Google Finally announced that this app will no more be in existence and its services will be discounted from March 15th Onwards And still existing users would be able to Store their details and data on the application without any hassle or issue but the photos would not be able to edit or organize. but rather they were suggested to use the Google Photos.

Emergence of the Google Photos :-

Google Photos is the Successor of Picasa Web Albums and it was released on may 2015, This is a web portal which allows users to save and store and organize their photos and at the same time making the photos private and safe, This portal does not share the photos on the worldwide web Like picasa and google portrayed this platform to the public in 2015-16 and this app became an instant hit.

It is loaded with amazing features, And it is available for both android and ios and others can use and access it on PC or Mac on their browser. This app is a fine companion where you can save your important photos and video memories for Free of cost, And this app also allows users to keep data of 15 GB on the platform and past that the users need to pay a little amount.

Tik Tok App Download for PC, Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Mac Os For Free !

Tik Tok App Download for PC:- Many people have moved on From Facebook as it has became too old of an application for the youth and so is becoming Instagram, and lately the youth wants something more quick and entertaining, And there comes Tik Tok , As most of you might know about Tik tok, but lets take a brief intro on it. and today we will be getting the Tik Tok App Download for PC

Tik Tok App Download for PC

Basic info on What is Tik Tok App Download For PC?

Tik Tok is a Video sharing application application that was made and released in China, but it became so popular that people around the world are nowadays using it.

The app was released in 2016 by a company known as Bytedance, And even though one might be able to use the browser version for using Tik tok on PC but today we will tell you a more easier and fun method where you can use the Tik Tok App Download for PC. And use it on PC just the way you use it on Smartphones.

So,Stay tuned for that, till we waver you around the Features of Tik tok:-

Features of the Great Tik Tok App Download for PC:-

Features of the Great Tik Tok App
  • Enjoy Unlimited Videos:- here on this platform you can enjoy loads of millions of videos and never get bored.
  • Short, Sweet and entertaining videos:- The videos that march thru the Tik tok app are quite short mostly around 30 seconds and are very fun and amazing to watch.
  • Special Filters on the app:- The app supports various filters to beautify the photos.
  • Special Slow motion Feature:- There is a special slow motion feature that optimizes your camera work to the AR of the app.
  • Choose music From the latest tracks for your videos:- You can lip sync to your favorite tracks over here .
  • Folow celebs and your favorite tiktokers:-Follow various celebrities and get in groove with the trend with them.
  • Share your content with friends and family:- You can share your funny,romantic and silly content with friends and family.
  • And a lot more:- And loads of other amazing features.

Steps on Getting the Tik Tok App Download for PC:-

Tik Tok App Download for PC
  • Go to the official website of Gameloop and install the Gameloop PC emulator for your device.
  • Once that is done Run the Gameloop emulator.
  • Now Sign in with your Google Play account.
  • After that is done access to the Google playstore.
  • Now Search for Tik tok on the search bar.
  • And now install the Official Tik tok app.
  • After the app is downloaded and installed, let it run.
  • Now log – in and enjoy The amazing Platform of video viewing for Free.

User information on Tik Tok App Download for PC:-

Release dateSeptember 2016
Languages available in40 + languages
Size of the app308 Mb ios and 55.21 Mb for Android
Last date of updateMay 27, 2020

current version16.2.4


Tik Tok is a fun loving and entertaining platform where you can pass some of your time and take the stress out of your body, People who have a lot of free time, or are busy as heck, This app is a good source of pass time for them.